Thursday, 15 June 2017

Busy, Busy, Busy!

The weekend of 10th and 11th of June saw me visiting art exhibition after art exhibition, as I saw as much as I was able of the Wirral Open Studio Tour. 

This annual event encourages local artists and crafts-workers to put their work on display by inviting the public into their homes and studios, which ranged from ‘proper’ studios and commercial galleries to converted garden sheds and temporary displays set up on kitchen tables.  Several community centres plus the Williamson Art Gallery also play host to group exhibitions. 
A free booklet lists all participants and has handy maps to aid intrepid explorers.  There is no fee to visit any of these exhibitions, and while the exhibitors pay a modest fee to take part and be included in the event’s publicity, they are also able to sell work directly to the public.

I had a fabulous time seeing some great new art, saying hi to some old friends and meeting a few creators who I’d previously only known through social media.  While I thoroughly enjoyed all this, part of the reason for me visiting so many diverse exhibitions was to look at how people had presented their work. I wasn’t disappointed, and came away with heaps of practical ideas which I’ve already starting putting into use.

For example, I’ve since purchased a set of blank cards with matching envelopes, which I intend to use decorate with tiny watercolours and drawings.  These will be sold via eBay.  Watch this space for updates on their availability.

I am aiming to take part in the Wirral Open Studio Tour in 2018.  Again, watch this space!

I am in the process of making my very first painting demo video.  I don’t have a video camera yet, so I’m using a series of photos to show how the painting progresses.  These will be uploaded to Microsoft’s Movie Maker and turned into a slideshow which, in turn, will become a YouTube video.  If this turns out ok, then I’ll do more.

The painting is of the Black Pearl, a pirate ship made from driftwood, and which can be found on New Brighton beach.  The painting isn’t quite finished yet; I’m still tweaking the last bits of rigging.
I’ve also been improving my YouTube site, updating key words and video descriptions, and ensuring there’re links to my blog site and Patreon page on each video.

The other news is that I have a commission.  The client saw my recent oil painting of the Liverpool waterfront, which isn’t currently for sale, and wanted something similar.  It needs to be completed and dry by January, as the client will be returning to New Zealand with it.

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