Sunday, 21 August 2016

Old Friends and Big Vegetables.

Left to right: Adele CB, Freddie, Sharon and Adele H.
The last time Freddie, Adele, Sharon and I all had lunch together was when we were still in high school, so when Sharon suggested a get-together we readily agreed, and it was a fabulous day.  Here we all are, in the photo, ready to dine at the Oxton Bar & Kitchen.

As teenagers, we all lived in Lowton, a small village in Lancashire.  Life revolved around school, Lowton Youth Club, listening to music and the usual teenage preoccupations.  Adele's recently bought the house she grew up in, Freddie lives just outside Nottingham, while Sharon lives in Orange County, America, where she works as an artist.

We had great fun catching up on news, of course.  After a good lunch, we meandered round the Williamson Art Gallery & Museum then returned to my house for coffees.  Naturally my dogs joined in the fun, being spoiled for choice by having three extra people to demand cuddles from. Adele didn't particularly want her ears washing but Emily is a determined Jack Russell who remains wilfully oblivious to social etiquette.

Last weekend found me enjoying the small Flower and Vegetable Show in Birkenhead Park, which consisted of one marquee housing displays of prize-winning fruits and vegetables grown locally, and another marquee and several stalls mostly selling crafts.  There was also a stage, where a lone musician strummed his way through a selection of popular contemporary songs.  It wasn't a huge show but entrance was free, and hopefully in years to come it will gradually develop into a bigger event.  It certainly seems to have the potential for that.  Perhaps if the organisers combined efforts with local artists, who are already fairly active at public displays of their work, then the event would draw a broader crowd.  I still say it's a shame that the annual Wirral Show folded after running for 33 years.

Progress on proofreading Fabian continues.  A publication date should be set soon - mid September, perhaps?  It really won't be long before you can read the novel, now.

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