Wednesday, 13 July 2016

New Ebook Covers

New covers for four of my ebooks are now available.  Here they are:-

The image on the cover of Dark Tides  comes from one of my photographs of West Kirby beach.  It was a late summer evening and the tide was coming in, which is why there's a snaking rivulet of water over the shadowed sands.  Tides come in fast there as the Dee Estuary is very wide and flat, so there's nothing to slow the flow of water.  When we still lived in West Kirby I'd walk my dogs on the beach regularly, and we often go back with them now we're in Oxton, which isn't very far away.

This cover uses one of my photos of the seaward side of Hilbre Island, where the Irish Sea pounds against the red Bunter sandstone rocks.  The rock pools around Hilbre and Middle Eye are always fun to explore.  You have to watch your footing, as the rocks are covered by slippery seaweed plus cockles and barnacles, but it's easily worth the effort.  Take binoculars if you want to see the seals basking on nearby sandbanks, though they sometimes swim around the rear of Hilbre and poke their heads out of the water to stare at human visitors.  You're more likely to see them this way if there are very few people around.

The ship's mast comes from my photo of the replica Golden Hind which was moored at the Albert Dock Village in Liverpool. 

The image here comes from a series of experiments in a photographic darkroom, probably dating back to my art school days, though it could have been done at a photography course I did a couple of years later on.  I'm not sure now.  Anyway, it was created by placing a crystal necklace on a sheet of light sensitive photography paper and exposing it to light.  The ragged line separating the black and pink areas is literally the torn edge of the photography paper.

This ancient, gnarled tree stands in Stapledon Woods on Caldy Hill, Wirral.  I've so many photos of the woods.  I hope you enjoy this YouTube slideshow video of some of these photo:-

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