Friday, 29 November 2013

Feature & Follow Friday

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And today's question, set by the FF hosts, is:  What’s your favourite Thanksgiving Day food? If you’re not American or Canadian, what is your favourite holiday food?

Here in Britain, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving Day.  This festival's historical roots can be linked to our ancient harvest festivals and the English Reformation in 1536, and while some people still celebrate a harvest festival this isn't a national holiday and there isn't a particular food associated with it. 

What we do have, which might interest some readers, are Corn Dollies.  No, you can't eat them, (not unless you've the teeth and digestive tract of a goat), but these charming objects are still believed by some people to bring luck into a home just so long as it is not removed again until the next harvest, when it has to be replaced by a new Corn Dolly and the old one burned.  Whether you believe this superstition is, of course, entirely up to you.


Unknown said...

I like the idea of a corn dollie. Thanks for sharing that tradition.

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Adele Cosgrove-Bray said...

You're welcome, Donna. I'll reciprocate.