Sunday, 5 May 2013

Wanted: Beta Readers for a short Childrens' Book.

Emily & Poppi playing King of the Castle Cushion.
This is the last day of my week's annual leave so I'll be making the most of the sunshine as soon as I've typed this, and will get some more gardening done.  I've cleared two borders of weeds and planted three small rosemary shrubs and a broom which I'd grown from cuttings.  There's plenty more work to be done, of course, but that's the nature of all gardens.
This week I've written the first draft of The Grumpets, which could be described as a small book for small children of all ages.  This is the first childrens' story I've ever written.  I never intended to write for children, but then I had this crazy idea about little creatures called Grumpets...  I have no idea how children or adults will react to it; I've not even shared it at Riverside Writers yet.  The idea had been tacked to the wall next to my PC for at least six months, so this week I decided to take a break from writing the first draft of Fabian and play with this new idea instead - and the result comes in at 3,800 words, which is enough for a stand-alone ebook. 
The Grumpets is a book in miniature, having five chapters and a distinct start, adventure/crisis and resolution.  It's designed so it could be read by a parent to (or with) a child, each chapter taking around under ten minutes to read aloud.  Obviously I'll tweak it a bit before releasing it - but I could do with a handful of volunteers to read it to their kids then share feedback of the reactions.  I guess it would appeal mostly to those aged between 3 and 7, but in all truth I know absolutely nothing about children so I could be wrong.  If you're interested in volunteering, email me.
Just before taking a week's leave, I finished a job-related NCFE course run by Bradford College.  Also, I'm still waiting to finish my NVQ Level 3 in Customer Care as my tutor resigned, and even though I've completed around 98% of the course I'm still waiting, two months later, for a replacement tutor.  I anticipate getting it finished and out of the way ASAP.
Richard and I have been swimming again!  Even though we've only been doing this for a very short time, we're already getting our confidence in the water back.  It's a case of remembering skills long-unused, such as how to co-ordinate limbs, how to breath, how to dodge pests who paddle with their kids in the swimming lanes rather than in the paddle area.... 


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