Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Grumpets!

The Grumpets!

ISBN: 9781301565078
ASIN: B00D3JB0CW (for Kindle)

Published Today!

Grumpets are shy creatures who live in compost heaps.  At any moment of any day, wilting flowers, mouldy cabbage leaves or faded roses might tumble down upon them.
But the heap can be a dangerous place.
Grumpets have to keep alert for horrible Slimers.  And the dreaded Time of Turning….
Introducing a new species, one which even the mighty Sir David Attenborough has, as yet, overlooked!  Grumpets are, (as the above book blurb suggests), rather shy and retiring by nature, and they spend much of their time burrowing within warm, snug compost heaps.  They can be found in many gardens but it is unlikely, unless you keep a sharp eye out and know what you're looking for, that you will have spotted them.
The Grumpets is a short fantasy story for children, though it may well appeal to 'children' of all ages.  This foray into children's fiction is a new avenue for me, for although some of my short stories have a childlike element to them, such as with Clara's Wristwatch or Swap, these weren't intentionally written for children whereas The Grumpets definitely was.  The story is split into five distinct chapters, and was a lot of fun to write and gave me a break from working on the first draft of Fabian, the fourth novel in the Artisan-Sorcerer series.
Published today, it will take a little while for it to be available from all my listed distribution channels (which can be located alongside this blog post) but it's available right now from Smashwords.

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