Friday, 17 May 2013

Customer Care?

It seems I've now finished my NVQ Level 3 in Customer Care.  I write "seems" as no-one from the college has told me this in person.  I received the news second-hand, albeit from a reliable source.  I arrived at work this morning, on my day off, to meet my new tutor at 9am as arranged, only to learn she'd already left.  She'd arrived at 8.45am and stayed all of two minutes, so I was told, and she briefly informed a colleague who has been taking a similar NVQ that we'd both now completed the course. 
So what happens next?  Apparently my ring-binder containing all my course work will be set before an assessor for evaluation.  Whether the college keeps it or if I get it back at some point has not been explained.  I only learned this much from someone who has done an NVQ before.
Will a certificate arrive at some point?  I have no idea as, again, no-one from the college bothered to inform me.  This comes after two months of silence from the college following the original tutor's resignation.  Phone messages and emails from my colleague and myself were not responded to.  We only made some progress after I managed to chat to a man who works for the government body which funds the college's NVQ courses, who said he'd lodge a complaint on behalf of my colleague and myself. 
My colleague also managed to collar another of the same college's tutor/assessors, who I later spoke to in person after she arranged to "observe" us in our professional roles, and who told me she'd also complained to the college director as it was crazy to leave two students, both of whom had almost completed the course, in limbo for so long.
The irony of this being a customer care course is not lost on me! 

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