Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Discover Liverpool

I thought I'd share a few interesting videos with you. The first is an enjoyable trip around central Liverpool, where my Artisan-Sorcerer series is mostly set.

The labyrinthian Williamson Tunnels are another feature of the series. You can learn about their history and enjoy some old footage of Liverpool buildings. Most of those old dockside warehouses are luxury apartments now, by the way.

Morgan and his household live in walking distance of Lark Lane, in the Liverpool suburb of Aigburth. I lived there for seven years, which is one reason why I based their fictional home there. This next very short film features a drive down Lark Lane at night.

This next film is a pleasure to view, with its lovely snowy images of Sefton Park. When I lived in Liverpool I often walked through this park. The Artisan-Sorcerer's house overlooks this large expanse of parkland.

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