Thursday, 22 November 2012

Emily and Poppi
 Here're our two Jack Russell Terriers, once again snuggling on their favourite doggy cushion.  It used to be Richard's cushion but they had other ideas.  It's a shame about the red-eye, though I managed to tweak it and reduce it to ochre-eye.  Is it an improvement?  I'll let you decide.
Last weekend saw us in the garden, raking together autumn leaves and making a bonfire from a heap of pruned branches.  The dogs were safely indoors, of course.  The leaves were quite damp from all this rain we've had, so consequently the fire was very smoky.  But it's one of those gardening jobs which simply needs doing.
Smoky autumn bonfire
Just behind the fire you can see our two conical compost bins, which were made from recycled rubber.  They have no base, so to extract good compost  you simply slide a garden fork under them and lift them off.   They're suprisingly light to move around, yet the compost inside stops them from blowing off during storms.   I've had them for over a decade now, and they're in as good a condition as when I first bought them.  You can also see two buckets of water  beside the yard brush  in case the fire got out of control.  There's no point waiting until you need water to run for some, when it's easy enough to have some standing by.  

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