Wednesday, 12 September 2012

New Brighton

Poppi and Emily, blanket buddies
Sunny snoozes
These photos answer the queries about how our two dogs are getting along with each other.   They're both doing fine together, as can be seen.
A fresh coat of white emulsion is now on the kitchen walls.  A second coat will be needed, and I'll need to do the ceiling too.  The external doors and a few internal doors are sporting fresh paint as well.  All of them need doing though,  the problem of new white paint being that it makes every other surface look like it needs painting.  We're just doing everything white, doing the Blank Canvas thing.
I've begun compiling the contributions for Seaside Stories, which will be a free ebook showcasing original stories and poetry from Riverside Writers members, including me.  As a group, we published a paperback anthology in 2010 and while we had fun doing that we also found that distribution was an issue.  We had people wanting copies that, short of hand-mailing, we couldn't get out to them.  We sold copies via two local libraries.  A small independent bookshop also sold copies for a 30% commission, but this shop has since closed down.  So this time we're trying another way.  Plus with an ebook we have no hurdle of budget vs. number of copies vs. quality of product.  Seaside Stories will be a freebie, available via Smashwords (and affiliated outlets) and Kindle.
Richard and I went to New Brighton on Monday.  The promenade front is looking fabulous now, with the new cafes, shops and theatre, with views over the River Mersey.  We had a lovely meal in the Queen's Hotel, whose decor and table service were very good - I recommend it, if you're in the area.  The menu even offered locally-caught sea bass.
We travelled on to Liscard, mainly to have a look around a few estate agents, and almost immediately spotted an old friend, Vicky, who was strolling through the shopping mall, so we chatted for a while.  She's been busy working on her fine art painting skills, giving her sculpting a rest for a while. 
I found a shop which sold some dolls house furniture, and treated myself to a few pieces of miniature furniture.  Richard's nose led us to a coffee shop.  After a lifetime of disliking coffee, he's recently had a change of heart.  Now he's drinking decaff. regularly. 

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