Monday, 27 August 2012

Meet Poppi

Sleepi Poppy
Our chickens are now happily re-housed with a family in Bebington, who have kept hens before.  I'll miss their antics - and their lovely fresh eggs - but we've a planned big change on the home-front and so we needed to find a new home for them.
While we said goodbye to Penny and Felicity, we said hello to Poppi.  She's a fifteen month-old Jack Russell who Emily had befriended.  Her owner couldn't look after her properly anymore, and asked Richard if he'd be  interested in adopting her.  That's a bit like asking a kid if it wants ice-cream...and so we have a new family member - who will easily fit in with our planned domestic changes.  We've had a cat named Poppy, so it feel a little odd calling her this but it's been her name for so long already it seems silly to change it.  If she'd been given some pea-brained blood-and-guts name then I'd change it immediately, but Poppi is a lovely name so it's staying - we'll just later the spelling a little.  She's getting along fine with Emily.  Our cat Jazzy is sulking, but then what's new.

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