Monday, 4 June 2012

Aliens and Owls

Take a look at this well-made video which presents a large selection of ancient Mayan artifacts carved with images which, to 21st century interpretation, look like aliens.

I don't place much credence on the 'aliens from outer space' theory, as the sheer practicalities of any species travelling for untold light years just to arrive here, create geometric designs in a few crop fields, or dismember a few cows or probe a few drunks' backsides is just too silly. If a species possessed the technology to travel rapidly from other planets, don't you think they'd have the sense to pick up a copy of Gray's Anatomy? (It's even almost named for them...!)

Inter-dimensional travel makes far more rational sense. If you assume you are aware of everything around you, watch this very short video from an earlier blog post of mine.  So, (assuming you did watch the video!) if you miss that much going on in the dimension which we're all familiar with, then how much more likely are we to overlook other dimensions?

The idea of there being dimensions other than this one is as old as mankind.  Think of Valhalla, the Summer Lands, Tir na nOg, Hades, Olympus etc.  Some of the oldest cave paintings depict shamans whose job it was to communicate with other dimensions - other states of awareness/consciousness.  The oldest religions of this world taught their inner priesthoods methods of transcending ordinary levels of awareness/consciousness.  They all had different names for the end results, of course, but that is not important.  In my novels, you'll read of the artisan-sorcerers practising various methods of altering their own dimensional awareness, of their experiences of these other states and also why they do this.

And if you're now asking how other dimensions have anything to do with human spirituality, then I'll echo the words of my old mentor, Thomas Joseph Walton, who frequently said that most people don't even know what the word spirituality really means.  They memorise words and spout them, or buy trinkets and display them, or join a club and imagine this makes them in some way special.  They are ruled by belief and have no real knowledge (gained through direct experience) of their own.  Tom often said that real spiritual knowledge is not what most people imagine it to be; that it is a person's practical, demonstrable abilities which matter; that it is the way a person manifests those abilities which is the measure of any real development.

This brings us to the question of who are the 'aliens' depicted in so much ancient art?  Are these the representations of beings met whilst journeying in other dimensions?  I'll leave that for you to ponder.

Meanwhile, it might be worth noting that one of the familiar characteristics of aliens is their huge owl-like eyes.  Some UFO abductees report having encountered giant owls, or creatures which looked like giant owls.  One traditional depiction of a certain type of ghost portrays them as having pale, oval-shaped bodies and huge dark eyes.  Owls were the symbol of Athene, the Greek goddess of the arts and crafts, wisdom and law, and justified war.  Owl imagery is also associated with the Celtic cult of the head - as practised by the Tuatha d'Anu -  and also with the goddess Arianrhod.  The Ainu people of Japan believed owls were able to mediate between themselves and their gods.  Some Native American cultures regard the owl to be a sorcerer's bird.  There are umpteen more links between owls, aliens and magic/sorcerery.

And if you fancy indulging in a bit of owl magic of another kind, then I highly recommend the film which we watched last night:  Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole.  This is a classic quest to overcome evil, told through the adventures of a young owl and his friends.  The animation is wonderful!  The feathers look so real, as if you could touch the screen and feel soft, warmth.  I found myself smiling all through this film - and the flight scenes are worth meditating on.

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