Saturday, 31 March 2012

Tweaking Covers and Spring Flowers

Having read through Mark Coker's free ebook, The Secrets of Ebook Publishing Success, it seems I'm already doing pretty much everything he suggests - with one main exception.  The front covers of Tamsin and Rowan didn't give quite enough information.  A browser needs to be able to know, at a glance, what the product is and if it's likely to be their kind of thing.

So, after a bit of thinking, I've now re-worked the front covers slightly by adding a subtitle which reads simply, "An artisan-sorcerer story."  This lets a browser know they're looking at a series, that the series doesn't have a number and so can be read in any order, and also gives a minimalist description of what the book is about. 

Having re-done the covers, I then uploaded new versions to Smashwords and Kindle.  Rowan is currently only available on Kindle, but the paperback version should be out within days.  After May 17th, Rowan will have completed its three month's exclusivity with Kindle's KPD program, and so after that I'll be giving it much wider distribution via Smashwords.

Anyway, take a look at the new covers on the dedicated pages, (see menu above).   What's your verdict?

Onto something else... photos taken yesterday.

one of my lovely camellias

daffodils growing wild on Lang Lane

looking from Lang Lane up to Grange Hill War Memorial

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