Friday, 9 March 2012

Imagine a World where Love is Forever...

Joe Betts-LaCroix: scientist, inventor and entrepreneur in biophysics, geochemistry and electronics. Joe went to Harvard to study biophysics and got a degree in Environmental Geoscience, published quantum tunneling research (Science) from his fellowship at Caltech, did Ocean Chemistry and built robots at MIT, founded OQO which made the world's smallest PC (Guinness, 2006), filed and sold scores of patents in thermal engineering, user interfaces, electronics miniaturization, cloud computing, wireless power and tunable antennas. He  is now working to bring Halcyon Molecular to fruition.

This video presents ideas of how life-extension holds the potential to radically alter our ways of living. Aging is a disease of the body which science is - right now - in the process of curing.

Consider our current lives:- school, work, relationships, kids, rush to save for retirement, rush to fit in some fun stuff, then get ill and die - assuming you've managed to avoid fatal accidents and psychos, in which case not all of this list will be achieved. Much of this list will not be achieved to your full satisfaction anyway. We will always want more time. Well, I know I do.

Imagine how your own life would be if you could extend it, maybe indefinitely. How much more time you'd have for fun, for exploring the interests you've set aside due to a lack of time, for exploring the world and outer space. Imagine how much more freedom you'd have from the pressure to build up a financial nest egg. Imagine the hugely extended scope of possibility in all aspects of life, including in your relationships with other people. If you could know a person forever, how would your behaviour towards them change?

You think this will never happen? Watch the video, then think again.

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