Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Emily, enjoying today's spring sunshine.

Joyce, Felicity and Penelope pottering around the garden today.

If you're wondering how the leather tuffet found its way onto the patio, ask the Jack Russell who has sat on it since mid-morning.  Never let it be said that Emily doesn't use initiative.

Mum and Evelyn were here on Sunday, bringing some more of Mum's family history research with them, including some old photos.  I haven't had time to look at it properly yet.  Most of the loose notes concern the Caslin and Corrigan branches of the family.  There are also some letters from the Meaghers in New York State, America - the writer being Mum's second cousin who also has an interest in genealogy.

This arrival synchronises neatly with my Aunt Mary's further researches into the McGowan family, which she mailed to me this week.  Much of this information is of too recent a date to share online, but Mary has done a lot of detailed research.  It will all be safely filed away for a future generation to enjoy.

Mum also brought me a bag full of vegetable seed packets.  She said she won't be growing any veg or salads this year, as the work is getting too much for her now she's 83.  She has said something similar for the last few years but then changed her mind when spring came around.  This is the first time she's given away the seeds.  Glancing through the packets, I was puzzled by some of the 'best before' dates, many of which were up long ago - one read 1996 - so I'm not sure if they'll be much good.

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