Wednesday, 25 January 2012


The paperback cover for "Tamsin"

The paperback version of Tamsin (ISBN 9781468092684) is now available from here.  It will be become available on Amazon in around a week's time.  The ebook is already available, of course, and the ebook costs less.

It will be interesting to discover which sells the most - the paperback or the ebook.  At this point I suspect it'll be the ebook but time will tell.  Not everyone owns an ereader, obviously.  I don't; I've got Adobe's free ereader on my PC, but I would like a Kindle simply because it saves buying half a rainforest's worth of paper each year.  Plus ereaders are so portable.  You can carry a library with you wherever you go.  When an ereader can double as a laptop (so I can write in Word then store the file for use on a PC-compatible CD), then I'll definitely get one.  Or maybe someone's already invented a gadget like this?  If so, let me know.  I won't even attempt to pretend to be up-to-date on these things.

Interestingly, in today's news are reports of Amazon's plans to publish adult ebooks as paperbacks.  Clearly they've found that enough paperbacks are still selling to make this venture worth their while.  A similar reasoning is behind my decision to release my novels both as ebooks and paperbacks. 

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