Thursday, 19 January 2012

New Low Ebook Prices!

Yesterday I dropped the prices of all of my ebooks, and overnight I've seen an increase in sales. 

One of the highly useful aspects of self-publishing with today's technology is that any author is free to make changes like this at the drop of a hat.  We can experiment to discover for ourselves what works and what doesn't, and adapt accordingly with a few clicks of a computer mouse.  The power is in our hands, rather than with a committee who "know best".

Logic dictates that it's better to sell, say, 1,000 ebooks at $1 each than a few books at $6.99. 

Logic also dictates that it's better to sell books than to leave them gathering dust on a shelf - hence my foray into self-publishing.  I've been traditionally published in the past, in fiction anthologies and as a non-fiction freelancer.   But could I sell my novels to an agent or publisher?  I was told they're not commercial, or too "occult", or too strange.  Let's let readers decide, hmm?  Tamsin is the first in my series about a community of artisan-sorcerers, and you can pick up a copy today from Amazon or Smashwords for all of $1.99.

My other titles are available from $0.99.  How long I'll leave things so cheap is another matter.  This blog attracts increasing traffic, so if you like what you've been reading here then how about helping me out by buying my ebooks today?

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