Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Goals for 2012

Apparently if you write down your goals and share them, you're much more likely to actually achieve them than if you merely cast a few thoughts in the general direction of Wishful Thinking.  So, here's my list of goals for the next year, in no particular order of importance.  I'll review them in twelve months and let you know how I got on.

  1. Publish 2nd poetry collection.
  2. Publish 2nd short story collection.
  3. Publish Rowan.
  4. Write one short story per month (minimum).
  5. Write one poem per month (minimum).
  6. Publish a free ebook (possibly with Riverside Writers).
  7. Complete 1st draft of Fabian.
  8. Add one new design to Spooky Cute Designs per month (minimum).

Those with sharp eyes might notice I've already achieved one of these goals, as Threads, my second collection of poetry, was published today.  Sceptics might say this is cheating as the project was already nearing completion, but if a bit of positive psychology helps to achieve the remaining nine items then that's fine by me!

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