Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Who's Reading Me? Or, The Joy of Statistics.

For the first time ever, I took a look at my viewer statistics.  It beats reading yet more gloom about the economy.

According to my YouTube stats, 73.2% of my viewers are female.  Their ages range between the ages of 25 - 54, the predominant group clearly being between 45 - 54.  The majority of viewers came from Germany, followed by Britain, Italy, America then Spain.  Of British viewers, 74.9% were female, while 64.4% of American viewers were male.  Gender stats weren't available for other countries.

My Facebook stats tell a different story.  There, 49% of my readers were female while 47% were male - a much more even split.  The ages spanned a wider range, going from 18 - 55+, with 33% being aged between 34 - 44, and 34% being between 45 - 54.  The greater majority of viewers came from America then Britain, with other countries trailing far behind these two.

Here, Blogger's stats don't offer gender information.  Most of the traffic comes from America and Britain, with Russia, Germany, the Netherlands then Canada following behind.  The stats tell me which percentage of viewers used which browsers; if you're interested in that, then 47% use Internet Explorer, 34% use Firefox, 7% use Chrome.   The number of people reading my blog is rising steadily, though comments are infrequent.  (Are you all shy?!!)

However, on my blog there's a second stats-gathering gadget which looks like a mini Planet Earth with dots for visitors.  The stats for that show that this blog's had visits from 46 countries, the main ones being America then England, with Australia, the Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, India, Belgium, Germany then Russia following behind.  No stats about the gender of the traffic is available.

Make of this what you will.

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