Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Preferred Priorities Document for UK Cryonicists

Of interest to British cryonicists is the new Preferred Priorities for Care (PPC) document.  This piece of paperwork aims to ensure end-of-life choices are expressed clearly, so everyone involved knows what is wanted and how to achieve this. 

To quote the NHS website, "The explicit recording of individual wishes can form the basis of care planning in multi-disciplinary teams and other services, therefore reducing unplanned admissions and avoiding inappropriate and/or unwanted interventions. " 

For the cryonicist, this is useful development for the obvious reason that unless everyone knows about your intentions to not have an autopsy and to be cryo-preserved in tact, and it's in writing and witnessed, then that old phrase about mice, men and plans being put asunder comes into play.  Having this in a legal Will is good, but Wills tend to be read after the event, whereas this document should be in the patient's Care Plan and medical records.

Download a PPC document for yourself here:

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