Saturday, 10 December 2011

Jacques Vallée on Why Things Aren't as they Seem

Are you ready for a new kind of physics? 

The universe which we're aware of  is only one system within an infinity of larger and smaller universes.  Jacques Vallée discusses this, among other things, in the video above.

Picture a Russian Doll, filled with smaller and smaller similar Russian Dolls.  The outer doll represents the universe which we're aware of, filled with atomic then sub-atomic then sub-atomic particles and so on, infinitely smaller - as represented by the increasingly smaller Russian Dolls.  But that outer doll is also surrounded by a bigger doll (which we're maybe unaware of), and that is also surrounded by an even bigger doll, and so on, infinitely. 

Or to phrase it another way:  As above, so below.

Emerging technology will allow us to communicate directly, not just with an ex-school pal who now lives on the other side of this planet, or with a relative stranger who shares an interest in collecting hand-made dolls, for example, but with some of these other dimensions.  And who is to say that such communications haven't already been taking place?

Set aside confused ideas about little grey men from outer space.  How about saying hi to the guys from the next dimension?

With thanks to the good captain and a poetic sailor for finding this video.

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