Thursday, 17 November 2011

Penguin Moves into Ebook Self-Publishing

Penguin's Book Country self-publishing option offers writers 70% of the sale price of any book.  The catch is that this publishing service costs between $99 for a DIY option, and $549 if you pay Penguine to format the text for you.

I fail to see why a person would pay $99 for the privilege of formatting their own ebook when this can be done for free, for similar returns, on Smashwords.   Book Country seems to want exclusive rights to epub files, also.

Ok, so you'd get the famous Penguin logo on your ebook.  But it will take more than a cartoon birdie to promote the resulting ebook.  The author will still have to do the majority of that for themselves - as is also usual with traditional paperback publishing these-days anyway.

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Learn even more Joe Konrath's blog at:  who by sheer synchronicity blogged about the same thing today, as I've just discovered when checking my feeds.

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