Thursday, 13 October 2011

Wirral Bookfest 2012

Wirral's annual Bookfest began today, with a chick-lit event at Bromborough Civic Centre with authors Lesley Pearse and Judy Astley.  Tuesday sees Professor Stephen Hawking at Birkenhead Central Library, talking about a replica Viking longship named Draken Harald Fairhair, which will sail to Wirral from Norway next year.  Wednesday brings Sir Andrew Motion, a former Poet Laureate, to Bromborough Civic Centre. 

There are two events on Thursday 13th.  Elizabeth Williams, of the Gaskell Society, will give a talk at Bebington Central Library about the role of love in Jane Austen's and Charlotte Bronte's fiction.  The history of Birkenhead will be the subject of a talk by Elizabeth Davey at Upton Library.

The event which interests me the most will be held at Wallasey Central Library on Friday, when Gavin Chapell will give a talk about the infamous Wirral privateer called Fortunatas Wright.  Personally, I suspect Wright might just be a pseudonym used by Spanish Jones.... 

Friday will also see a bookswap in the Pyramids Shopping Centre in Birkenhead.  Bring along your pre-loved books and swap them for someone else's.

Marc Gee, who has visited Riverside Writers twice now, will talk on Saturday at West Kirby Library about his work as a playwright, screen writer and novelist.

The search for the next Wirral Young Poet Laureate will also take place.  This runs in conjunction with the Chris Salmon Foundation, named in memory of a local poet who died at the tender age of fifteen.  The competition is open to all primary, secondary and 6th form students.

There are only three free events - the bookswap, the longship talk and Marc Gee's talk - and those with sharp eyes will have noticed that neither Riverside Writers or myself are taking part this year.  But fear not!  Because Parallel Dimensions will be happening later in the year anyway, on the 10th December, 2pm, at West Kirby Library.

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Sparroweye said...

Hello Adele. So glad to see you on Blogger. I hardly ever post on livejournal anymore. I was trying to find out how your brother is fairing in retirement. He is also one of my journal friends. We moved house. And now packing and moving stuff from old house. You can read about it on my blogger. Nice to be able to see what new books you are writing.

Adele Cosgrove-Bray said...

Eric can be found on Facebook, though he doesn't update very often. He's busy taking care of his wife, who is very ill.

I hope you settle into your new house well. Thanks for dropping by. :)