Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Dark Tides

Dark Tides
A Collection of Short Fantasy Fiction
Adele Cosgrove-Bray

Nightmares from ancient myths glide through our thoroughly modern world. When selkies, faeries, old gods and young mortals rub shoulders, tensions quickly flare.

Terrifying watchers, devious lovers, mischief makers, dangerous business partners - you will meet them all in Dark Tales.


About the stories in Dark Tides

Liar: Can you separate fact from fantasy in these words from a born liar?

New Year’s Day: Tom had always known that Louise would leave him. That’s what selkies do. So why did he marry her?

Snack Time: A chance conversation has surprising consequences in this chilling tale which introduces Fabian, from the novel of the same name.

Rebirth: After the closing of one door and before the opening of another, there is a dark journey to be made.

Swap: Learn why the tidal River Dee never returned to the harbour at Parkgate in Wirral, in this tale of the notorious Caldy fae.

The Four Seasons: A whimsical exploration the generation gap and levitation.

The Princess Cave: An elderly mother reminisces about her encounter with the selkies of the Dee Estuary.

School: Mischief heralds unforeseen changes in this science-fantasy tale of two very different schools.

Song of Earth: Ancient archetypes run riot through this, the only poem in Dark Tales.

Punch: For everyone who views office parties with a sense of impending dread.

Food: When four schoolboys play truant, they bite off more than they can chew in this tale of the Caldy fae.

The Solution: An artist’s models proved unreliable until a solution was found.

Clara’s Wristwatch: Childhood can be a magical time, but some games lead to danger as Clara discovers in this contemporary faerie tale.

Watcher: The terror which dragged Joanne to the brink of insanity returns. What will it take to get her attention?

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