Monday, 19 September 2011

Another Role for Ebooks?

Are ebooks changing the way news and magazine articles are structured? 

Some articles which are too big for traditional magazine print, but too small to make anything more than a booklet, are now finding a niche as ebooks. 

This idea gives publishers another way of marketing their products.  They can create a virtual bookshelf of titles which relate to their main publication(s), and also attract new readership and revenue.  Their most popular columnists can make use of their existing readership to sell their ebooks, also.  It sounds a practical and, from the point of view of writers whose work doesn't always fit neatly into a fixed word-count, liberating concept.  Most writers are quite happy to earn a bit more, too.

From the readers point of view, if they find themselves interested in an article or regular column and want more, they can buy the ebooks.  If they'd like easy access to archived material, buy the ebooks.  If the price is kept very low this will happen frequently enough to make these linked ebooks a financially viable offshoot of the main publication(s).

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