Monday, 9 May 2011

The Rise and Rise of e-Book Self-Publishing

"In the winter of 2010, the ...romance novelist Nyree Belleville suffered the same fate as many a scribe — she was dropped by her publisher. The most any of her 12 spicy romances, penned under the name Bella Andre had earned was $21,000.

"So, out of sorts and feeling blue, she sat down one morning and figured out how to self-publish... A few weeks later, she checked her account. She had sold 161 copies. She’d made $281.  She put her other old book online and figured out how to place both on other e-readers. The next month, her royalties bumped to $474. Giddy, she self-published a new e-book in July. She made a jaw-dropping $3,539."


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