Sunday, 22 May 2011

Look To the Skies?


Ducklings are extraordinary characters.  Something about them makes just about everyone smile.  They're cute and fluffy,  so tiny and yet so brave. Imagine how big their pond looks to them, and how much courage it must take to waddle away from the only place they've ever known - the nest - then leap into water without even knowing what will happen next.  To a duckling, that pond and muddy bank is the whole world.

Have you ever  considered what ducklings make of us, watching them?  What does a duck know of our lives - of vehicles, cookers, DVDs, Prada and all the other stuff with which will forever remain irrelevant to a duck's life.  Nothing, of course.

Think about a ladybird, then, crawling along a rose.  If the ladybird sees you watching it, how does it react?  It might fly off or, more likely, ignore you completely.  You're not relevant to its sphere of life; and why should you be.

We're surrounded by animals, insects and plants that, similarly, get on with their own lives without paying much, if any, attention to us.  But what if this principle works the other way round?  How much do we miss, in turn?

People tend to look to the skies and beyond for signs of other, higher beings.  Maybe they're all around us already and we just don't notice. 

Do you think that sounds far-fetched?

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