Friday, 8 April 2011

Forget Paris

We watched a hilarious film last night, which had us laughing not just at the sarcastic humour but at ourselves.  Forget Paris tells the tale of a couple (played by Billy Crystal and Debra Winger) who meet in the French capital and enjoy a fabulous time together, then who go on with their own separate lives only to realise they miss each other.  So begins their relationship and swift marriage. 

They quickly discover that romantic holidays are soon over, whereas the necessities of demanding careers and everyday life can seemingly go on without respite.  The film explores the numerous changes people experience when they have to adapt from a single lifestyle to being part of a couple - the tensions, the sacrifices and seemingly endless compromises; but also the simple pleasures of sharing life's fun stuff with someone else. 

The dialogue was well written, and seemed to have been the product of close observation of people's habits.  It's funny because it rings true.  Don't all couples have to balance the pros and cons of single vs. shared life, and decide for themselves if it's worth the hard work which any successful relationship entails?  It can be a delicate balance, easily tipped and not so easily righted.

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