Saturday, 5 March 2011

Blogging Wrong?

According to all the self-proclaimed web experts, in order to have a "successful blog" the author is supposed to pick one subject and stick to it.  That's fine if a person has one predominant interest but I have numerous, and always have had.

Blogging about my writers' group, then showing photos of the snowdrops currently flowering in my garden then waxing lyrical about myths both ancient and modern, then chattering about paella, cryonics, pottery or my dogs apparently makes it harder for search engine bots to categorise my blog, and therefore it's likely to reduce traffic.

I'm also suppposed to trawl through Google's lists of Adwords and Keywords, then create a blog post with the highest scoring words laced through the text.  Perhaps someone should patent this as a cure for insomnia.  Certainly I suspect reading such a blog would quickly inspire me to browse elsewhere, in search of something much less mechanical.

These experts would probably tell me to create a different blog for each of my interests.  Again, the idea has little appeal.  I don't live my life in isolated segments.  Each aspect of my life is one part of a multi-facted whole - which isn't so unusual really. 

So, apparently I blog wrong.  Wrongly, even. 

As Mr Rhett Butler once said, "Well, frankly my dear...."


Adele Cosgrove-Bray said...

PS. The snowdrop photo will be posted soon.

Thud said...

The more eclectic the better.