Thursday, 16 December 2010

Dans Maison Cosgrove-Bray...

Torrential rain gives me the perfect excuse to stay close to the computer and write more of Fabian, which is coming along smoothly.  With this novel, I'm aiming for a little less dialogue and more direct action.  The feel of the novel is more tense than with the others, but just as dark - but there's little point in my blogging too much about this yet.

Meanwhile, in Maison Cosgrove-Bray, we've had some antique furniture delivered.  This meant our downstairs rooms looked akin to a stage set for Steptoe & Son.  Our cats had a marvelous time mountaineering, and seemed convinced that the temporary chaos had been created for their benefit. 

Now order has been imposed, some of my pottery collection, which has been in storage for years, is on display where it can be viewed and enjoyed.  Beauty serves no purpose when buried in the back of a cupboard under spare computer cables, incompatible (or more-trouble-than-they're-worth) PC programs, clay modelling tools and an extraordinary assortment of arts and crafts supplies.

I have recently added some new products to Spooky Cute Designs.  These include necklaces and cases for iPods/iPhones.  As ever, more will follow in time.  Discover them for yourself at or scroll down to the end of this page and view the slideshow for a brief taster of what's available.  The 'For Writers' range is proving popular.

Mum and my sister Evelyn visited on Sunday.  We enjoyed a traditional roast chicken dinner, followed by cherry pie and/or chocolate gateau while catching up on each other's news about gardening, pets, work, outings, books we'd read, films we'd seen and similar.  My brother Eric phoned while they were here.

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