Tuesday, 3 August 2010


“The first truth about awareness… is that the world out there is not really as we think it is. We think it is a world of objects and it is not… It’s not as solid and real as our perception has led us to believe, but it isn’t a mirage either. The world is not an illusion, as it has been said to be; it’s real on the one hand, and unreal on the other… We perceive. But what we perceive is not a fact…, because we learn what to perceive.”

- Don Juan, from The Fire From Within by Carlos Castaneda.

“T” (Thomas Joseph Walton AKA West Cheshire Lad) used to talk about this subject at great length. He would describe the biological function of the human eye, and how it receives light through the iris which then hits the retina, and from there light is translated by the human brain into what we perceive as being exterior to that brain (and ourselves.)

“T” would go on to say how quantum physics has long-since demonstrated that our perception of objects around us is flawed, in that every thing - ourselves included - is in actuality energy vibrating at different rates, the slower rate resulting in a denser matter. He said our perception of the world around us is given form by our beliefs and expectations.

We expect a table to be solid, but quantum physics demonstrates that this is not necessarily so. The table is solid while we believe in its solidity. Everyone believes in the same thing so the table remains solid. If we reach out and press against the table, it feels like we expect a wooden table to feel and it behaves as we believe a wooden table should behave. But the wood is really energy vibrating at a certain rate of density which we interpret as wood. And the hand we reached out with, and call our own hand, is also energy vibrating at a particular rate.

So what if a person was able to remove their own beliefs? How would the universe seem to them if experienced directly, rather than through a myriad of perception filters, ie. beliefs and expectations?

Read more about “T”:- http://hubpages.com/hub/West-Cheshire-Lad

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