Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Busy Days...

Sunday was fun. My sister Evelyn was here, then Lee arrived, and then Cat came round after she’d finished work. It’s not often that Evelyn is able to see her niece, so they enjoyed getting to know each other a little better over dinner. Earlier in the morning, Richard had cooked the roast lamb with honey and rosemary, and I did the rest of the meal. Cat’s vegetarian, so she peered at our lamb as if it was infected with Ebola.

Monday night saw Richard and Lee at the Pacific Road Arts Theatre in Birkenhead, for a Chris Rea concert. Meanwhile, I was at Riverside Writers’ latest meeting, when Tim and I planned the performance programme for Words from Wordsmiths, (which is our contribution to the Wirral Bookfest)  next Monday, on April 7th. Nine members of the group will be taking part, and there will be a variety of fiction genres and poetry on the night.

Thanks to West Kirby Library’s staff, we’ll be able to offer tea and coffee. And we’ve been given the use of a microphone, which will help greatly.

If you’ve not already been invited to this event, consider it done! Free tickets are available from the library on the night, which starts at 7pm.

If your email box has been swamped by invitations, please bare with me. I’m in the process of tidying up my mailing lists so that this doesn’t happen again – or not intolerably so, anyway. If you’re on multiple mailing lists (you’ll be able to tell by the different email address) and want to escape from one, just let me know.

This morning, I sent out this month’s newsletter, which is mostly about Words from Wordsmiths – no prizes for guessing that much!

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