Friday, 30 July 2010

Homemade Jam

My latest batch of homemade jam - apple and cherry, in this instance - straight from the pan and waiting for wax-paper seals. 

The apples were from our garden; the first time we've had a decent crop from this young tree.  There is still some fruit on the branches, as yet unripened.

I make my own jams so they're totally free of synthetic colours and other additives.  Made properly, unopened preserves can be safely stored for years.  It's a pleasant feeling to know the household cupboards are well-stocked.

I also enjoy maintaining old traditions.  Preserving foods for the coming winter months is a task which has been observed for millennia. 

These-days we're so used to simply popping out to the shops 24/7 that on the rare occasions that there's been some kind of hold-up in the supply chain, people started panicking within only a few days.  Maybe we should think about becoming a little more self-reliant?  We've become so dependent on others, on a complex commercial system, for our basic needs.  I'm not so sure that's such a good thing. 

Illustrated article on how to make your own jam:-

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