Thursday, 10 June 2010

Solstices, Missing Megaliths and Madness

It’s strange to realise that we’re only eleven days from the summer solstice and yet spring blossom lingers on the trees here.

How are you planning to spend the solstice? Do you do anything to celebrate the year’s longest day?

Many people assume I’ll be heading off to Stonehenge. They’re wrong. I much prefer to visit such places when I’m the only person around, so that means out-of-season and usually in weather which deters everyone else. I have my reasons.

In all truth, I’ve never once been to Stonehenge. When I was a child, my parents tried visiting it but couldn’t find it. I kept insisting they were walking in the wrong direction….

Speaking of amusing visits, much fun was had during a recent weekend break with friends. Topics for discussion were kittens, pregnancy, the whereabouts of food deliveries and the mysteries of the universe - all splendid stuff!

Returning home, chaos awaited. Can’t I leave this house for a few days without mayhem erupting?!! The dogs had sulked, the chickens had rebelled, and the cats… Well, the local wildlife population will recover in time. Hubby survived, though his hairbrush and a pan didn’t.

Meanwhile, back at the keyboard, on May 18th I began writing my fourth novel. Fabian currently stands at 10, 884 words. I’m aiming at 100,000 words again, for the first draft

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