Thursday, 27 May 2010

Riverside Writers Anthology 2010

The contents are:

Peter Hurd: The Literary Chicken; Carbon Footprints; A Matter of Principle.

Tim Hulme: The Sugar Loaf; The Mckechnie Plunger; One More Day.

Carol Falaki: Equal Footing; I Am; Eran.

Peter Caton: The 437; Grandads; Zi and The Boy.

Adele Cosgrove-Bray: Food; Party Time; Shell Boy.

Andy Siddle: Old Poet; The Old Wirral Line; The Present.

Eileen Brown: Waiting; Autumn.

Catherine Evans-Hewitt: Celebrity.

Clive McLaren: Crippen's Couplet; Water Refelctions; Handsome Is As Handsome Does.

The anthology costs £3 and is available  from Riverside Writers' events; Lingham's Bookshop in West Kirby, Wirral; Hoylake Library; West Kirby Library.

By the way, Shell Boy features Rowan, albeit in an anonymous capacity.

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