Friday, 2 April 2010

Tattoos, Guitars and Puppies

Yaay, we have sunshine! This means that my two little dogs are gazing at me with their best pleading expressions, which roughly translate into English as, “Walkies! Walkieeees!! Waaalkieeeeees!!!!!”

Ok, ok; I get the message, pooches. Un momento, si?

As may be guessed, the dusty language CD has been dusted down and (Attempt to) Learn A New Language proceeds (as poorly as before, actually) despite me being rather busy posting adverts for Richard’s studio across every reachable corner of our cyber-realm.

After Easter, his tattoo studio will be open six days a week - Monday to Saturday, 11am - 5pm approx.

This week, he tattooed a lady who was in her seventies. She wanted roses flowing over her breast and shoulder, and she intends to have the design extended so it will continue down her arm.

Chris brought in his new acoustic bas guitar and sat down playing that - and if you visit the studio today you’ll hear Chris and Lee jamming on their guitars together. Lee’s performed in folk and blues clubs for years. Will they form a band? Hmm, there’s talk of it.

I’m currently reading an absorbing novel by Barbara Erskine called Lady of Hay which was given to me by my Aunt Mary over a year ago. I’ve only just worked my way round to it. Yes, my ‘To Read’ pile really is that big…! The cover and blurb did little to attract me, however the story itself has my interest. I want to know what’s going to happen next - always a good sign!

The novel’s about a feisty journalist named Jo whose research into past-life regressions lead her to alter her views of the people around her, people whom she discovers she had known centuries ago.

Riverside Writers’ meeting on Monday attracted six new faces! Wow, how did that happen?!! Last month’s writing project was inspired by Carol’s puppy, who’d chewed the corner of the poem she’d written. Most people had produced something for “The Bit that Charlie Ate,” and as always we had fun hearing each other’s creative efforts.

Several of us had volunteered to proofread the MS for our group anthology. It's surprising how many glitches can be missed even when the MS has been looked over time and time again. One more meeting to finalise everything - then it'll be off to the printers.

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