Saturday, 27 March 2010

Bongos, Dogs and Castles

It has been a busy week in hubby’s studio, and a fun week also - which began with Chris coming in with his bongos and entertaining clients while they waited to be tattooed.

Chris is a really cool guy, heavily into Native American shamanism and philosophy. Everyone loved listening to him play his bongos, and a few clients were tempted to have a go themselves.

Later in the week, a lady told a hilarious story about her three West Highland White Terriers. Her father is looking after them for a while, and as he’s a barber he thought he’d save her some money by trimming their coats himself. So he whipped out the electric trimmers and gave each of them a No.1 haircut. When she saw what he’d done, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! Crufts would not approve.

Meanwhile, I was talking to Tim - who is recuperating after an operation - and learned that he has had a life-long interest in model-making which began when his father used to bring home sheets of white card (which had been used to display silk samples.) At the moment Tim’s working on an elaborate fantasy castle. As I have dolls houses, we inevitably began talking about miniature figures and furniture and landscaping to scale, and the best places to buy these things.

And in the garden, the daffodils are opening! Most of the crocus don’t seem to have survived our winter weather, and those that did were mostly flattened by our hens, but the daffs look lovely right now.

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