Saturday, 6 February 2010


Hubby swears he never snores, and so I filmed him. He challenged me to upload it to YouTube, and here it is:

Soon after uploading the video, I was contacted by a Brazilian death metal band, Máquina Voadora, who asked if they could use a few clips as part of their forthcoming video to accompany their new acoustic song about sleeping. Richard loved the idea!
View Máquina Voadora's video here:-

I have been busy creating more new Hubpages. I've rather taken to that site... Recent additions include interviews with a Druid, a green witch, and artist Pixie Wildflower, plus articles on writing, kombucha, cryonics, reincarnation, the minor arcana and Welsh rarebit - among other topics.

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 Parallel Dimensions, the Fantasy and Science-Fiction event which I organised last June for Hadley Rille Books' authors, has been invited to return on 16th September as part of Wirral Bookfest 2010.

Riverside Writers' forthcoming anthology is coming along smoothly. The material is totally diverse, reflecting the different personalities within the group. We're in the process of putting the MS into PDF format for our publisher, and we're hoping for an April/June publication date. Once we know the date, we hope to organise a launching event for it at West Kirby Library.

With regard to my own writing, I haven't made a start on Fabian yet. I've been working on a few short stories instead, and also giving Rowan another edit. Rowan on paper is now so covered in notes and alterations that some of it's hard to read, so I've been printing a fresh paper copy and have workshopped bits of this at Riverside Writers' meetings.

There are four of us at Riverside Writers who are working on novels now. Two of these though they'd never have the courage to tackle writing anything so long, despite them being excellent short story writers. I absolutely love it when that happens, when any of the group creates something which they'd not tried before - like the man who'd never written any poetry before he joined us, and now his work's been broadcast on radio. Wonderful!

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