Sunday, 26 July 2009

Fun with Mannequins and Puppets

While Richard spent the morning trying to sleep off one of his infamous migraines, I wrote more of Seth’s Basement, my effort for this month’s Riverside Writer’s project which was set on the theme of The Artificial Head. It’s been fun to write, and as far-fetched as my story may seem it’s actually based on a guy who had a similar set-up in his own basement. Truth can be stranger than fiction, for sure; I named one of my fictional mannequins Anton after the real-life character.

Riverside Writers’ next meeting is tomorrow night, and we’re going to be joined by editor Maurice James who’ll be giving a talk about the kind of things editors look for in submitted MS.   Maurice runs the annual Coast to Coast writing competition.

It’s been raining constantly here today, and both dogs are restless. It’s walkies time and they know they’re going nowhere. If it was just a light shower I’d dress Emily and Ygraine in their little raincoats and off we’d go.

At least the fickle English weather presented a passable version of summer when we were in Southport earlier this week. Richard and I met Mum and my sister Evelyn there, and we had an abysmal meal in a place we’d previously praised. Richard bought squeaky toys for the dogs, and a pink fluffy glove puppet rabbit which Ygraine instantly adopted. Emily has since ripped its face off but that hasn’t deterred Ygraine's affection.

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