Friday, 3 July 2009

Family Tree and Writers

Anyone with an interest in the Adshead, Ashbrook, Bray and McGowan family tree is welcome to visit  where I’ve created a webpage with photos about this.

Today we have monsoon rain, which is a pleasant change from living in an oven turned on full. This heat wave has not been fun, and fortunately Ygraine was already booked to be groomed this week. Her coat is so thick and dense that she really suffers during hot spells. She’s much happier today. Actually she’s wrapped round my feet as I type this. She’s pretending to be asleep but she’s waiting for walkies. One move from this chair, and she’ll be spinning in excited circles.

When I helped the groomer, Lisa, to he car with her equipment, the door slammed shut. I’d forgotten to put the catch on and so I was locked out. The front room widows were open, and a neighbour--a slender teenager who’s twice my height (ok, that might be a slight exaggeration…) climbed through easily and opened the door for me.

Monday’s meeting of Riverside Writers was fun, as usual. We were joined by two new people, including Jonathon Mayhew who’s recently signed a three-book deal with Bloomsbury, starting with  Mortlock.  His website is at:  He talked about the importance of networking in person and online, and also about the enormous amount of re-writes an MS undergoes before the publisher finally give to go-ahead.

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