Tuesday, 26 May 2009


By West Cheshire Lad AKA Thomas Joseph Walton

The Universe is in a perfect harmony of Oneness, vibrating in a perfect rhythm and harmony of timeless movement, perfect in this timeless movement, a sameness in its perfection. This sameness or Oneness is not influenced in the receptor in its Oneness or Sameness, influence occurs in the receptors according to their vibrating energy and nucleus, influenced by the Great Transmitter, all puppets that manifest in the countless diversities.

Each receptor is influenced and governed by the vibrating force field from the Universal Law, the Great Transmitter. Brain intelligence has little or no say in this influence. This sense of influence is positively expressed in all creation, influencing evolution, devolution, behaviour pattern etc. It is said some artists can perceive many colours of green etc, in nature’s herbage, an influence far above others in that field; also the smells, odours and aromas are not picked up by the same people. Each receptor is governed in its own influence and state, and yet, the Oneness of the Universe is the same, ever itself, vibrating the same to all Suns, Planets, all Creatures etc. It is not received by the receptors in the same field of expression. Each receptor is influenced and governed in its own limits.

The Universe is perfect in its own Diverse Movement. Mankind cannot know or be fully Aware of the Oneness. Each atom, leaf, creature, mankind etc, vibrate in this influence, judging by the brain, the manifestations of influence, not aware of the positive influence that governs them, not really aware that people are influenced differently by the Great Transmitter, the same Oneness, the Universal Vibration of Law.

Most people live with their positive buffers and excuses, not aware of this positive influence, Asleep. Brain intelligence, Memory and Forgetting.

Any alteration of the receptor will also alter the reception of the vibrating energy from the Great Transmitter, which alters the influence in the receptor governed by this Law. All and Everything is governed in this Law of Impression. All physical and metaphysical vibrating energy is influenced by the Great Universal Law.

Each receptor can only receive the vibrating energy according to its own vibrating harmony, relative to the Oneness. Each in its own place, each in its own influence. The Oneness vibrates Law the same to all, each receptor receives its own influence and behaviour pattern, governed in the vibrating relativity to the Oneness.

Many live as if their behaviour pattern in their own, Asleep to the Oneness of God, the Infinite Universal Law.

Note: All capitalisations are the author's own; all I've done is correct any spelling mistakes.

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