Saturday, 25 April 2009

Apps, a Requiem

Apps seem to be everywhere now, spreading like rampant rabbits across cyberspace. Logging-on to a social network now requires extra time just to delete the latest invasion of apps which have arrived while life unfolded on the flesh-and-blood side of the computer screen.

Altering settings to “ignore all” only works for those apps already jamming your inbox. An absence of only a few days results in an avalanche of new apps offering to perform a multitude of tasks, each a celebration of utter trivia.

Trivia can be fun sometimes. And I too have been known to send people virtual flowers or improbable eggs out of which hatch all creatures bizarre and pixilated.

However, an acceptance of all the cyber-gifts which I’ve been merrily sent would require profile pages so engorged with multitudinous apps that its downloading might result in the instantaneous combustion of my computer.

I like my computer. Therefore, if I have declined your invitation to play Hangman, hunt assorted monsters, redecorate a virtual house, or exchange an Egregious Grin--or similar--this will be the reason why.

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