Friday, 20 March 2009

Photo Shoot

It’s a gorgeous spring day here. I’ve got the French doors open, and Emily has dragged her blanket onto the patio step to stretch out on it while she’s sunbathing. The forsythia is a blaze of yellow, and cherry blossom is drifting like snowflakes on the warm breeze. Daffodils and crocus are in bloom everywhere, and there’s a pair of blackbirds rummaging for nesting material underneath the shrubby St John’s wort.

Yesterday I was in Liverpool as Kevin Holt, a photographer from The Daily Mail, had arranged to visit Richard’s studio so he could take a few shots of us both which will be used in the forthcoming article about cryonics. These will be used as part of an article about cryonics which will published in that newspaper, probably next week sometime.

Afterwards I had a meander round the city centre, and bought a new pair of trousers--plain black, but the material is lovely and soft.

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