Thursday, 5 February 2009

City Talk Radio

Yesterday I was at Radio City in Liverpool to meet producer Ali McBride. While enjoying the amazing view across the city centre from the top of Radio City Tower, she told me about Roy Basnett’s Friday show, Zone Unknown.

His guests have included the Most Haunted team, parapsychologists, Bigfoot hunters and a white witch, and he hosts debates on conspiracy theories.

Then we stepped into a tiny recording studio and I narrated Spanish Jones (part one), a tale of selkies, smugglers and ghosts. Ali said she will to add a few sound effects, such as the cries of seagulls and the sounds of the ocean.
While it’s only part one of a three-part story, it is complete in itself. Parts two and three are set in contemporary times, whereas part one is historical.

It will be broadcast on City Talk 105.9 FM tomorrow (Friday 6th) sometime between 10pm and 1am (GMT).

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