Friday, 2 January 2009

And so it Begins...

...Another year, that is. And yikes what a chilly start! I'm wearing four layers and I'm still cold.

Stew for tonight's dinner--which I'm not looking forward to as I loathe stew, but there was little else I could do with the mountain goat which was supposed to have been lamb. Lamb?!! A howling chainsaw would have struggled to make an indent on that thing. Bleeeurch!! Here's hoping my culinary efforts can render it tolerable.

Tamsin is finished; all edits done. Unless a publisher wants any changes to be made, it will now remain as it is for all time. The final full-stop is in place. And the word-count now stands at 85,000 words, which is only 1,000 less than on the previous draft.

Now I'll begin editing Rowan, which I'm looking forward to doing, actually. Plus there are two short stories on the back-boiler, and I need to start thinking about what to do with Bethany Rose, as last year I wrote 50,000 words of that before admitting that I hated the plot and should have gone with the original idea.

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