Friday, 26 December 2008

Sunshine, Puddles and Escaping from TV

It was almost impossible to see where I was walking in the woods today due to the dazzling light. I should have worn sun glasses! The breezes drifting up from the calm ocean had an icy edge, and I suspect that tonight the temperature will plummet. The chill hadn't prevented half the local population from heading out for a walk, though. Perhaps they too were escaping from the dismal TV.

The dogs love the woods, of course; there's a whole world of scent which is closed to human noses. Ygraine investigated a small puddle and discovered it was deeper than she'd anticipated. A lot deeper.

I've just finished reading David Hunt's The Magician's Tale, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Crime isn't my usual genre, but I found myself eagerly turning the pages of this well-written tale of a photojournalist who is gathering material for a project about male prostitutes in San Francisco. When her favourite model is murdered, the protagonist sets out to solve the crime.

Monday's meeting of Riverside Writers had a modest turn-out. One of our regular members had to work late (they're in retail), and another was holidaying in Bavaria. Even so, the meeting went well and certainly we had a good ol' giggle. Those who had participated in the monthly writing project read out their efforts, and a couple of people read from other works-in-progress. Once again the subject of producing an anthology of group work was raised. It's a possible self-publishing project for the coming year.

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