Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Interview with Adele

My Computer Is Dead!

Long Live My Computer!

When, for the second time in one month, my five year-old puuter puttered out, I gave up dithering and bought a new one. And here it is, purring away quietly before me. The monitor displays the right colours. And the tower actually switches on--always a bonus!!!

I renegotiated my ISP contract and got a free upgraded modem, a better telephone calls package, and at £11 per month less.

My hair is in shock; I've just come back from the salon, having had 4" taken off the length. It's still way below my shoulders, but looks thicker and has more movement now. My usual stylist has moved to Gran Canaria, so I had to risk trying another--which I hate doing, as the amount of hairdressers who can't cut long hair properly is exasperating, but this new stylist has done a good job.

The village pond was partially frozen over yesterday! I'd put the dogs' woollen coats on them, as the wind coming off the sea was bitter. Emily absolutely hates her coat but she feels the cold badly. Ygraine was in seventh heaven paddling through drifts of dry leaves. But the poor ducks were ice-skating, or swimming in little circles of free water.

Last Friday saw Tim Hulme, Clive McLaren and myself on 7 Waves Radio as Cath Bore's guests once again. Tim's made two CDs of our shows, which have come out well. It is so weird hearing your own voice!

Read an interview with me:- http://www.whohub.com/adele

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