Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Templars and Horrible Plots

At 50,000 words into writing the first draft of Bethany Rose, I realise that while I love her character, I absolutely hate the plot.

To scrap two and a half months' work is no small thing. But the story is simply not going where I want it to. Better to halt this version now than expend more time on something which I know can only become a major thorn in my side.

Rain all day, but never mind. This gave me the perfect reason not to find more excuses to avoid starting a new short Sci-Fi story. Well, I did start it--and though I wrote all of 1 ½ pages of it, due to ceaseless distractions* at least a start was made.

*Remember that film with Jack Nicholson, where he’s got his family holed up in some miles-from-nowhere hotel and he eventually kills them all with an axe? Well, there’s a scene a scene before he totally loses his sanity, where he’s trying to write and his wife keeps “helping” by bringing him coffee and sandwiches and other stuff he doesn’t want, and he ends up screaming about wanting to be left alone, and how it takes him twenty or so minutes to get back into the creative flow after every interruption? Ok, well I’m not that bad. Honest.

Ever fancied living on an island...?

Actually, Richard loves the idea of living in a lighthouse, on some stormy rock off the coast. I don’t; it’d be too much like hard work having to row a boat each time you run out of milk or whatever. It would keep pesky door-to-door salesmen away, though.
So would a moat, complete with a working drawbridge. Richard can keep his pokey lighthouse (too many stairs); I’d have a castle.

"The castle has been built in 1216 by the Templar knight Alberici Ghislero. Its beauty represents a milestone in the medieval architecture development. It has been declared as an "UNICUM" by the Ministry of Culture. This adobe, case of unusual beauties, has witnessed particularly crucial events through the centuries, at times even extraordinary..." http://www.castles-for-sale.com/sale/Perugia/index.htm

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