Friday, 8 August 2008

Entering the Twilight Zone

Ok, now I know not one of you will believe this - but perhaps that's a good thing, and it's entirely your choice anyway, but....

So, yesterday I decided to clean up the amount of Word files sitting around in My Documents. I carefully transfered them onto a brand new CD-R disc. However, when I came to transfer the last file, all the other files bar one had vanished off the disc. Even the title of the disc had reverted to the default date title.

Rats, I thought. Now I'll have to retype all those chapters.

Then I remembered that I already had the first six chapters on another disc. My habit is to leave files/chapters in My Documents and then transfer them onto CD disc in batches. (These six chapters had earlier been put back into My Documents from the disc while I edited them.)

I lifted down the plastic box that my computer CDs live in, opened up the lid, put the old disc in the computer - and there were all the "missing" files.

Now, I know I couldn't possibly have mixed the discs up, as I didn't touch the old disc until after the CD-R disc had zapped its files. And I know I hadn't already downloaded the files as that's not my habit - if they'd been downloaded, they would have no longer been in My Documents.

So how did the files transfer seemingly by themselves to another disc?

Blame the pixies!

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