Monday, 18 August 2008

Entering the Twilight Zone #2

When hubby’s saucepan of eggs didn’t come to boil, I saw that the cooker’s power-on indicator light was not working. Further investigation showed there was no heat under the pan, or on the other main ring. So, I called out an electrician who we’ve used before.

The electrician arrived and he checked the wall socket, the electricity supply and the cooker’s wiring – all were fine. However, the grill, oven, and two rings on the cooker had no heat. He concluded that the elements had burned out.

“All at once?” I asked, sceptical.

He shrugged and said it happens sometimes. Richard said his mother’s cooker did something similar once.

Anyway, the cooker being five or six years old, the electrician said it would be difficult to find parts for it. Meanwhile, the electrician said it was safe to use the two remaining rings for cooking on. So, the very next day, Richard bought a new cooker. It will be delivered on Thursday this week.

On Sunday, I was cooking dinner – and noticed the cooker’s indicator light was on. Out of curiosity, I turned all the rings on, and the oven. Everything is working!

Now, the three of us (Richard, the electrician and me) had thoroughly twiddled the cooker’s buttons. We know it hadn’t been working – but now it is.

Cat collapsed into giggles, of course, and said, “Just watch your old one work fine for another three years now!”

The next meeting of Riverside Writers promises to be interesting, as I've organised visits from two speakers. The first is children’s book editor Antonia Prescott, of who’s going to talk about her work and her new business. The second speaker is Cath Bore, who will talk about her show on 7 Waves Radio and how we can get involved now the recording studio is in full operation. She wants writers to record their work for broadcasting on her show. That’s at

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